These best practices can help you produce legal information your audience trusts, understands and uses. They were developed for British Columbia, through a collaboration of public legal information providers.

These eight high-impact best practices are the most powerful ways to help people trust your information, understand it, and put it to use.

Following these eight additional best practices will further strengthen your legal information — making it easier to find, understand and use.

You want people to trust and use the legal information you produce. Learn how using these best practices will help your information stand out.

“These practices are all things I realize I look for or appreciate in information. I think they  will positively affect the quality of our written materials.”

“Applying these best practices strengthens the information we produce. They help focus our team on the truly important elements of making information understandable and trustworthy.”

“We at West Coast LEAF really appreciate the resources to guide PLEI work in our community. It will surely strengthen the usefulness of the legal information produced.”